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Functional Training


Much more than a generic workout, Functional Training has exploded in popularity within the fitness industry due to its powerful impact on people’s lives. Your whole body will be put to the test as you build core strength, shred fat, enhance endurance, and strengthen muscles. You’ll even notice a difference in how you complete daily tasks and move through the world!

The results-driven program includes 45 minutes of functional exercises, from pushing and pulling to hinging, squatting, rotating, and carrying. Due to its adaptability and simple learning curve, everyone can take part in our fitness classes. And our certified personal trainers will facilitate a fun environment that inspires you to meet your goals. Become a member today and become a better you tomorrow. It’s that simple.

Membership Packages

Four Fat Burning or Muscle Building Sessions Every Month


Eight Fat Burning or Muscle Building Sessions Every Month


Unlimited Fat Burning or Muscle Building Sessions Every Month

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